The Pasadena Adopt-A-Hydrant Program

Adopt-a-Hydrant Program and Contest for Winter 2023

The Adopt-a-Hydrant program encourages residents of  Pasadena to help keep fire hydrants in the municipality clear of snow during the winter months.

During the winter fire hydrants can get buried under snow and are not immediately accessible during an emergency. In an emergency, firefighters have to locate and shovel out uncleared hydrants before hooking up; losing valuable time to control fires and save lives. But you can help!


The Contest begins on December 15, 2023, and ends on April 15, 2024. 


The program is open to all residents, businesses, families and community organizations in Pasadena that want to ensure the safety of their community by volunteering to clear hydrants in order to help firefighters quickly find and use hydrants in an emergency.


  1. Adopt a hydrant by filling out the form below.
    • Clear a 3 foot area around your adopted hydrant after each snowfall, or when it is heavily covered in snow and clear a path to the street from the hydrant.
    • After you clear out your fire hydrant, take a photograph and email it to Make sure to include the number of your fire hydrant in the subject line of the email.

      This year we will include weekly gift certificates for those who participate each week by emailing your weekly photos to

      There will be a grand prize (snowblower) at the end of the winter months (17 weeks). To be eligible for grand prize, participants must participate in a minimum of 14 of the 17 weeks.