Growth in business

Growth in the Humber Valley is at an all time high, making investment in Pasadena an attractive opportunity.  Pasadena is a great place to start and grow a business.  It has a low tax rate, and affordable housing.  It is close to transportation, and has an educated workforce.  Those with young families appreciate Pasadena’s recreational facilities, schools, and library.  To foster personal growth Pasadena encourages healthy living and community involvement.

Community Profile

Situated in the beautiful Humber Valley, Pasadena residents enjoy a rural lifestyle with access to a full range of services.  The community is known for maintaining an attractive town with abundant green spaces, flower gardens, and tree growth.

Pasadena has been recognized by a leading national magazine as one of the ten most desirable places in Canada to live.  The beautiful presentation by the residents has earned the town the Tidy Towns Award for 1997.  It is evident that the residents take great pride in their town. 

With a population of over 3620, this growing community is increasingly viewed as a very desirable place to live and conduct business.  In a very few minutes from Pasadena, one can access a busy airport, or a major shipping and distribution sea port.  Pasadena can indeed offer the “best of both worlds”, access to full commercial and cultural activities and at the end of the day, a residential community with a high quality of life.